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Bespoke Picture Framing Services

Frames available off the shelf ready to take away

Currently all of our bespoke items are produced less than five miles from our studio.

This means our framer is quickly on hand for advice with trickier items.

Our turn around times have been dramatically reduced and frames can be ready in a day subject to stock of moldings.
We would always suggest allowing a week to ten days on general orders, but if you can be flexible on frame choice we can get it done for you as quickly as possible.

Much less packaging. Our frames are delivered back to us by hand reducing the risk of damage in transit and as such the appalling levels of packaging required to transport glass and fragile items. This is good for the environment with only raw materials traveling a distance.

Some mount cutting is now done on site so subject to available board and time we can sometimes cut mounts for you within the hour.

Why do we not make our frames on site? Historically the first reason is dust (although dramatically reduced these days) and that not being great combined with photography. The second is space, we would not have enough of it here.

Object Framing Services

Canvas Framing and Canvas production



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